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Celebrating Wins

Beating nicotine is huge—like, victory parade down the street kind of huge. That’s why we’re sharing these stories. Each one is like its own victory parade, celebrating the success of someone just like you. So when the going gets tough with your quit, check out one of these stories for an extra boost of inspiration.

“I stopped smoking and started carrying around a mug of coffee or a water bottle instead. I started feeling better right away, it was so much easier to walk up stairs and complete my workout classes, that it made it easy for me to keep it up!”


“I and my spouse quit together, and when he restarted I did too. But we went on to try to quit again, this time we were successful. My life is way less stressful now just because I do not smoke. I feel more energetic than I did 25 years ago.”

Mary Jo

“As a smoker, my thoughts revolved around smoking. As a non-smoker, I have the freedom and clarity to think about everything else in my life that I love and want to pursue. Nothing is more worthwhile than quitting immediately.”


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Take a victory lap and celebrate your win over nicotine by sharing your very own story so it can be featured here. Added bonus? It’s a great way to inspire others who are trying to quit.

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