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Help More People Quit

Help End Nicotine Addiction

Find more ways to play an active role in helping people quit smoking, vaping and using other commercial tobacco products.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Provider Resources

As a healthcare provider, you can play a key part in helping your patients quit. Talk to them about their tobacco use, educate them on its health impacts and, if they’re ready, refer them to our program.


Wellness Is a Great Employee Benefit

From respiratory issues to more serious medical conditions, tobacco use can affect employees’ health, productivity and performance. Our free, non-judgmental program is a great way to help them kick the addiction for good.


Put Quitting On the Lesson Plan

Teenagers face all kinds of pressure—from parents, friends and social media—and may vape or smoke to deal with stress. Meet your students where they are, and provide resources to help them quit when they’re ready.

Community Organizations

Make Quitting A Neighborhood Goal

Apartment owners, faith-based organizations and wellness centers can help community members quit.

“I and my spouse quit together, and when he restarted I did too. But we went on to try to quit again, this time we were successful. My life is way less stressful now just because I do not smoke. I feel more energetic than I did 25 years ago.”

Mary Jo

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