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Need help getting your quit started or keeping it going? Check out the information below for inspiration and advice that can help you find a quit style that works for you.

Calculate Savings

Calculate Your Savings

Want to put a specific dollar figure to your quit? Use our savings calculator to see how much fatter your wallet will be after you beat nicotine.

Celebrating Wins

Celebrate Wins

Some days, quitting seems tougher than others. Stay inspired to keep your quit going with success stories from people just like you.

Tell Us Your Quit Story

Take a victory lap and celebrate your win over nicotine by sharing your story. Added bonus? It’s a great way to inspire others who are trying to quit.

Share Your Story

Help for Family
and Friends

Do you know someone who could benefit from our programs? We can help you send them the right information without being pushy.


Learn why menthol products are easier to start and harder to quit—and how tobacco companies have targeted Black, LGBTQ+, teen and other communities.

Free Quit Medications

We’ll give you a free, two-week supply of quit medications, like patches, gum or lozenges (18+). Learn more about each so you can choose which is right for you.

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