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Find Your Reason to Quit

There are probably a few people telling you why you should quit nicotine, and we understand that’s not always helpful. People who find their own reasons tend to be more successful at quitting for good. We’re here to help you find your reason.

One good way to get started is by thinking about what you’ll gain from quitting. Check out the examples below, and then think of your own. Pro tip: write them down to keep yourself motivated!

Common Reasons to Quit

  • Improved health for you and your family
  • More energy
  • Extra money
  • Food tastes better
  • [Your reason here]

Cha-ching! Quitting Keeps Cash in Your Wallet

Saving money is a big reason many people decide to quit. How much would you actually save if you quit? Use our savings calculator to find out.

Calculate Your Savings

Benefits Start Minutes
After You Quit

Changes start happening in your body minutes after you start quitting. Click through the timeline to learn about the benefits you'll feel throughout your quit.

How to Make a Quit Plan

Making a plan helps you get ready before and during your quit. With a plan, you’ll already have ideas about how to overcome challenges you may face during your quit.

  • Pick a quit date—it’s like making a promise to yourself.
  • Think about what types of support you may need. Tell your family and friends that you’re planning to quit and ask them for their support.
  • Think about situations that make you want to use nicotine and ask yourself how you can replace or avoid them. When you get the urge to smoke, do something else. The craving will pass.
  • Double your chances of quitting by talking to a coach and trying patches, gum or lozenges at the same time.

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Find Your Way to Quit

After you’ve found what motivates you most, it’s helpful to think about how you want to quit. We can help you find a quit style that works for you. And with support, you can double your chances of quitting. Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to help.

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